Used in 50+ countries, CommCare is the most widely adopted, technically advanced,
and evidence-based mobile platform for low-resource settings.

Build mobile apps in days, not months.

CommCare’s app builder is designed for everyone. No IT background required.

Collect more than text & numbers.

Capture GPS coordinates, take pictures, record signatures, interface with devices and other applications, and more.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Choose from a library of free apps on the CommCare Exchange and customize them to fit your own app.

Manage app users & updates.

Set role-based access for multiple user levels. Push app updates remotely with the click of a button.

Always free, always open source.

Support up to 10 mobile users for free. Beyond that, view our software plan pricing.

Apps that improve service delivery.

CommCare is designed for all levels of your frontline program.

A powerful job aid.

Make complex workflows easier and reduce errors with decision support, protocols, and logic.

Works offline.

Build and deploy mobile apps on CommCare’s cloud website. Use your mobile app with or without an Internet connection.

Engage with multimedia.

Communicate complex ideas and engage users with interactive images, audio, and video.

Multi platforms & languages.

Run apps on Java feature phones, Android phones and tablets, and the web in multiple languages, including non-latin fonts.

Do more with case management.

Build apps that track your program’s progress over time.

Worker activity in real time.

Gain transparency into on the ground activities with worker monitoring reports and linked supervisory apps.

Store client-level records.

Register and track individual clients, and access client-level data online or through an external database.

SMS and Performance.

Reach more people with targeted SMS in CommCare, the only SMS tool that supports case management.

Apps that work together.

Share information across apps at different levels, creating a comprehensive mobile system.

Data-driven decisions
in real time.

Gain visibility into on-the-ground activities
with real-time data and analytics.

Data in easy to read reports.

See data in online or scheduled email reports, including worker activity and cross-project reports.

Privacy protected and secure.

All data is privacy protected, secured, and stored on our HIPAA compliant servers.

Sync with third party apps.

Download data into Excel and CSV formats, or use APIs to link with data management systems like DHIS2, Tableau, or SQL.

CommCare is powered by Dimagi.

If you have questions about CommCare in general or about your specific CommCare project, please contact Dimagi directly.

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