Global Implementation Services

We’re here to help you design, deploy, or scale a mobile system, big or small.

Based all over the world.
Tailored specifically for local needs.

Our experienced services team is ready to design, implement, and maintain mobile systems.

Dimagi has a strong history of helping organizations deploy mobile systems.

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On site. In person.
Our team works with your organization directly.

We help assess your project’s level of maturity for a mobile deployment and its targeted outcome.

We then build the ideal project roadmap, taking into account capacity-building needs.

Using our custom tools and experience, we create a plan tailored to your project.





Research and develop a comprehensive plan for your future digital system.

Launch a comprehensive pilot system deployed at test sites.

Strengthen your initial pilot with extra capacity building services.

Further prep for scale with dedicated capacity building and technology services.

Go from a pilot through scale with dedicated capacity building and technology.

On-Site Scoping Visit

Requirements Analysis

Application Workflow Design

Field Testing & Iteration

Training of Trainers

Build & Launch App

Additional Program Capacity Services

(See capacity services)




Additional Technology Capacity Services

(See capacity services)



Included CommCare Software Plan




12 months


12 months


12 months


18 months

Program Capacity Services

Dimagi travels on-site to build capacity, spending one on one time to develop skills with your staff.

$15,000 per capacity service package.

Worker Performance Monitoring

Strategic implementation of standard CommCare HQ reports to strengthen supervision and monitoring processes.

Training of Trainers

Capacity building for organization’s trainers for future scale, including instruction on phone preparation & installation.

Capacity for Technical Support

Train technical staff about troubleshooting and issue tracking for mobile technology.

Capacity to Build Applications

Learn how to build your own applications, including case management, advanced logic, and multimedia.

Technology Capacity Services

Dimagi provides additional system refinement or new technical capabilities to your program.

$30,000 per capacity service package.

Technology for Outcomes Monitoring

Create customized, offline Excel reports for 5-10 outcome indicators. Optimize app to track indicators more effectively.

Apps for Supportive Supervision

Integrate a mobile application designed for field based supervisors. Use data to provide supportive supervision and monitor quality of FLW service delivery.

App Refinement by Dimagi

Dimagi to make modifications to application based on feedback from a deployed application.

Technology for Reminder Messages

Send SMS reminders directly to beneficiaries or staff about notifications or upcoming visits.

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