CommCare Solutions

We’re growing the platform with one thing in mind: frontline programs.

With over 10 years of experience supporting frontline programs, we know that more complex workflows may require different tools.

That’s why Dimagi is introducing “CommCare Solutions”, a user-friendly way for you to access the functionality you need for the work you’re doing.

CommCare Supply

Mobile Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Our first solution, CommCare Supply (formerly known as "CommTrack"), is designed to strengthen logistics and supply chain for any frontline program, even those that don't normally think of themselves as 'logistics people'.

Designed to support health workers and other mobile agents who manage commodities, CommCare Supply is used for inventory management, resupply, and delivery.

It was built based on the experiences deploying three national-scale systems with John Snow International, including ILSGateway in Tanzania, the Early Warning System in Ghana, and cStock in Malawi.

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All the features of CommCare and more.

CommCare Supply provides a set of features targeted for supply chain management.

Out-of-the-Box SMS Reporting

Register products with appropriate codes, select an SMS gateway, and immediately report stock information via SMS.

Stock Activity Monitoring

Capture current stock, stockouts, receipts and disbursements. Organize logistics across organizations and countries.

Automated Consumption Calculation and Forecasting

Analyze stock report information to auto calculate consumption, forecast low stock thresholds and reorder amounts.

Ready to Go Supply Chain
Web Reports

Hierarchical graphical and map-based reports on stock levels, reporting rates, and other supply indicators.

Streamlined Setup Tools

User-friendly tools allow updating products and locations in minutes. Copy pre-built Supply apps via CommCare Exchange.

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